Let’s Try to Make Sense of this Flyers Ticket Offer

Some season ticket holders received this email from the Flyers on Friday.

Check it out:

So here’s the thing –

Obviously we know attendance is limited due to the pandemic right now. Preference has been given to season ticket holders as a result of the restrictions placed on the Flyers. The team is not playing very well, and Anthony said recently that comp tickets have been going out just to get bodies in the building. They’ve had almost 1,000 unsold seats per game.

That said, offering the discount is somewhat of a dick move for STH who already purchased regularly priced tickets for these dates, right? Like, you’re already locked in for these days, showing your loyalty to the team, then they come out and say, ‘hey you can get these tickets for $65 or $35 now.’ But you’ve already paid the normal price, which was more than $100 for lower level seats, and $65 or more for upper level seats (that’s according to fans we spoke with).

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, since STH would have already paid for their seats, and then the general public would take advantage of these discounts. But in this case, the Flyers gave STH priority, some responded with upfront purchases, and now they’re getting shortchanged. It just sends the wrong message, doesn’t it?

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