Malvern Prep beat La Salle in overtime, 4-3, in the Flyers Cup AAA championship game last night– they rightfully regained their place atop Philly high school hockey.

The goal was scored by legacy Malvern hockey family youngling Jimmy Jacobs, whose brother is on the team and father and uncle won the Cup some years ago.

Two angles:

Fun fact: Malvern was so good they had (still have?) two varsity teams. I wasn’t good enough to play on the AAA team, but played on the A team when I went there.

The Flyers Cup, for those unawares, is the post-season tournament featuring the best high school teams from around the area. Malvern hadn’t won since 2005, when I think they had won every year for like 20 straight years.

Like the good Prep boys they are, Malvern handed off the trophy to the kid with a broken leg, who hopped on one foot, on the ice, with the prized token of championship. Hockey player.

Credit to the La Salle goalie for an excellent effort, though. He STAVED off Malvern’s aggression in the third period to send the game to OT. But Malvern, which only lost one game this season, was too much to handle. I imagine they’ll move on now to face some team from “Pittsburgh” in Northwest Pennsylvania that considers Niagara its closest big city.