Stick your foot in the ground and rip:

Great video clip currently making the rounds on social media.

It’s seven seconds from a 25 minute Youtube clip where the new Eagles head coach sits down with Fran Duffy to talk Xs and Os and really get into the weeds of football schemes and concepts.


It’s fascinating to analyze Sirianni from just two press conferences and some interviews. He seems very much like a “football guy,” but not in the corny Joe Judge “leader of men” type of way, if that makes any sense. Sirianni is more awkward and dorky and lovable whereas guys like Judge and James Franklin have that condescending vibe, where they’re gonna tell us morons in the media and the fan base what we’re looking at, because we’re so stupid.

The question is whether or not Sirianni’s enthusiasm and excitement can rub off on his players. Is it something that energizes the team? Do they respond in a positive way? Or are they talking to each other off to the side, saying ‘get a load of this guy‘?

Here’s the full video: