Panel Overturns the Eddie Alvarez DQ Loss

We did a couple of posts on this story and can now bring it to a close.

Philly native Eddie Alvarez was recently disqualified from a ONE Championship bout when he struck an opponent with illegal blows to the back of the head.

But after review, the DQ was overturned:

Eddie “The Underground King” Alvarez‘s disqualification loss against Iuri Lapicus at “ONE on TNT I” has officially been changed to a no contest, ONE Championship announced Monday. As a result, the loss will be expunged from Alvarez’s professional record.

The decision was made by a panel of independent industry experts and ONE Championship officials, judges, and referees. The panel unanimously validated that illegal strikes to the back of the head occurred, but also ruled by majority that a procedural misstep occurred after the second strike to the back of the head.

The panel advised that the bout should have been halted and a warning issued after the second strike to the back of the head. Due to the procedural misstep, Alvarez’s red card has been retracted, with a yellow card issued in its place.

Additionally, a medical review validated the serious nature of the injury and Lapicus’ inability to continue in the fight. The no-contest ruling was made in fairness to all parties.

Alvarez’s record now sits at 30-7 (2 NC), while Lapicus moves to 14-1 (1 NC).

This makes a lot of sense. We know Eddie’s punches were illegal, but the referee should have stepped in at that point and prevented further damage from taking place. That would have saved the fight and kept Lapicus out of the hospital.

With this bout scrubbed, Alvarez will now fight on Wednesday night against a guy named Ok Rae Yoon. The bout will air at 10 p.m. our time on TNT: