Paul Pierce Canned by ESPN After Instagram Live Session

It was a nice run for Paul Pierce, who was canned by ESPN after almost four years doing basketball analysis for the network.

His offense? This Instagram live session, which featured smoking and drinking and scantily-clad women and a poker game, which some people would describe as “Saturday night” –

The whole thing was ridiculous. There were only a few hundred people watching the stream, and one asked where Rachel Nichols was, which caused her name to trend as this entire thing went viral.

RE: the transgression that got him fired, I guess DISNEY does not want people on their payroll doing live videos where they engage in behaviors that could be deemed as lewd and/or lascivious. That is the educated guess, since Disney is a family-friendly company!

Pierce didn’t seem to be bothered though. He was totally unfazed, and posted this:

Pierce later tweeted the following:

“I can’t lose even when I lose I’m winning.”