Phillies Call Up Odubel Herrera, Which Means We Now Brace for the Coming Shitstorm


This was inevitable, wasn’t it? –

Up comes Odubel Herrera, down goes Mickey Moniak.

Here’s the thing, first off –

They tried to make it work. They tried Adam Haseley. They tried Roman Quinn. They gave Mickey Moniak a chance. Scott Kingery had a shot during Spring Training. The Phillies literally had four other dudes in place to take this job and not a single one of them could claim it, so now we’re in a situation where a controversial domestic abuser is back on the 40-man roster

And listen, there are plenty of people out there who hate this move, and they are 100% justified in feeling that way. They say that Herrera put his hands on a woman and should never wear the jersey again. Anybody who takes that stance can absolutely choose to look at it that way.

But on the other side, you have a faction of people who point out that the girlfriend forgave him, Herrera apologized, served his suspension, and think Odubel should get a second chance because he has said and done the right things since the 2019 incident.

We can re-litigate that 10,000 times, and I’m sure we will this week.

Moving the story forward, Odubel is going to rejoin the team as they start a four game road series in St. Louis. So he won’t be home in front of local fans until Friday, when the Mets come to town. That’s going to be our first instance of booing/cheering or whatever reception he ends up getting.

Now we brace for the coming shitstorm.


He’s starting tonight:

EDIT 2 –

Tyrone and Mike not happy with the move:

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