Red Bull Gifted Donte DiVincenzo Some Cool Villanova and Delaware-Themed Shoes

photo credit: Red Bull

The Sixers play the Bucks in Milwaukee tonight. Gotta love those back-to-backs, especially when you’re down three starters on the front end and don’t even know who will be available for the second night, while everybody who just played has to turn it around in 24 hours.

Anyway, Donte DiVincenzo is currently plying his trade in Milwaukee, and recently Red Bull gifted him some really cool Villanova and Delaware-themed stuff for his birthday.

Check out these shoes and masks:

The shoes are hand-painted by Philly artist Gloss Black (aka JImmy McMenamin). All of the words are themed around the memorable 2018 championship run. You see stuff like “family, “battles,” and “toughness” written on there.

They also gave him these Wilmington shoes:

Now these are pretty badass. There’s the 302 area code on there. The figures are Donte and I believe his parents, and he’s wearing a Salesianum jersey, which is where he went to high school. You see the Exit 3 sign for Newark/Dover and some other local flair as well.

Really gnarly stuff. Kyle is probably going to see this post and ask where he can get some of these items.

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