After the Eagles traded with the Cowboys to move up and select DeVonta Smith on Thursday night, the Giants wound up moving back from #11 in a deal with the Chicago Bears. They ended up with #20 this year, a fifth rounder, and then a first and fourth next year just to move down nine spots, so it was a damn good bit of business by Dave Gettleman, who has actually NEVER traded down before. Can you believe that?

They used #20 on Florida’s Kadarius Toney, which was a bit of a reach. He’s a really good player but was projected as a second rounder, and they took him with Rashod Bateman, Elijah Moore, Terrace Marshall, and Rondale Moore all on the board.

Now take a look at this Giants fan and his reaction to the trade back:

There’s a lot going on here:

  1. This dude sounds like he has a southern accent. That’s definitely not a New York or New Jersey accent.
  2. The indoor sunglasses? Violation!
  3. The hat+jacket+matching pants combo is way too much.
  4. I hate this fucking team, they’re always fucking with us” is a great line.

This guy’s online name is “Copizzle,” whatever the hell that means. He’s got a Youtube channel and in one of the videos walks around holding a WWE-style belt while calling out Eagles fan “Eat Dat Pussy” as a “sick fuck.” That’s a whole other story entirely. Allegedly that EDP guy was caught up in some legal stuff, but it hasn’t been reported by any reputable outlet yet, so we’ve been careful to tiptoe around that story.