The 94 WIP Morning Show peddles in negativity, which has been the case for something like 25 years now.

On Tuesday morning, they published another useless Twitter poll, this one asking fans which Philadelphia player they like the “least,” which was inspired by the recent recall of domestic abuser Odubel Herrera.

They added Ilya Bryzgalov to the poll, and Carson Wentz, because there’s nothing like living in the past. Then they rounded it out with…. Ben Simmons? –

That poll was posted at 5:33 a.m. It was ripped to shreds on Twitter by Sixers fans and others who didn’t understand why Simmons was among the choices.

A sampling of the replies:

“Comparing Ben Simmons to a wife beater. Your show is tremendous.”

“This list is an embarrassment, even for you.”

“You guys are a complete disgrace.”

Fast forward a couple of hours, and whomever runs the polls over there decided to put out the same thing with the same question, but this time removed Simmons while leaving the other three guys on there:

It would seem to be a course correction on the surface, but not entirely sure. They could have at least deleted the original poll, which saw them get the ratio.

But the bigger story is this:

In what world are we lumping Ben Simmons into a category with Odubel Herrera, Carson Wentz, and Ilya Bryzgalov? First of all, Wentz was a decent dude who did charitable things here and perhaps just never really settled in this region. He is by no means a horrible person. Same with Bryz, who said some weird things in the press and struggled on the ice. But again, he’s not a bad person.

Simmons is an All-Star who has spent his entire career in Philadelphia. He misses few games, plays defense, and has shown nothing but love and respect for this city. He may not be the most media friendly person, and can come off as short and snippy when responding to criticism, but he takes a LOT of it, and some of it is definitely not fair.

Ben Simmons lives in the city, he’s supportive of his teammates, he donates his money, and more often than not says and does the right things. You don’t have to like his game, and can complain about the jump shot or the fact he was dating a Kardashian or whatever, but to include him in a “least favorite” poll with Odubel Herrera is brain dead, even by the low standards exhibited by the WIP Morning Show.