Youtube Video Shows Guy Getting Knocked Out Cold, Allegedly at Northeast Philly Wawa

from Youtube (Tim Gallagher)

Crossing Broad was alerted to this Youtube video, which shows a guy getting clean knocked out at an undisclosed Wawa location.

According to the person who uploaded the clip, this took place at the store across from Dunphy Ford, which is on Frankford Avenue. I’m 95% sure that’s part of the Mayfair neighborhood, but it could be Tacony. Not entirely clear where the border is between those two areas. (EDIT – I am informed that this is actually Holmesburg)

The uploader posted the following details:

“Guy comes into Wawa pointing a gun at an employee saying he isn’t afraid to die today. Security guard was able to get the gun away, kicked it away from him, looked like a fake gun. He was bleeding in his mouth spitting on people and food still running his mouth………”Unlike you I got a fucking brain Bitch”……”Say that again, what you say?” Night night:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Cops came in right after locked shit talker/fake gun guy up. All I wanted was a hoagie and a damn drink haha”

Here’s the clip:

There’s a lot to process here. Gun just laying on the ground (reportedly fake, with an orange cap on the end). The bag of chips sliding off the guy at the end, while he lays there, unconscious. The security guard casually strolling through the shot.

In the video comments section, the uploader shared a few more details while answering questions:

“Guy came in pointing a gun, fake gun find out (sic) at an employee. Security guard had him down kicked the gun away. He stood up still arguing was bleeding out of his mouth spitting on people still reaching in his shorts like he had another gun. Than (sic) the knockout.”