Zack Hample Falls on his Ass at Phillies Game

via NBC Sports Bay Area

You know Zack Hample, right?

He’s the baseball guy who goes to all of these games and snags home runs and foul balls. Kyle wrote this about him two years ago:

“Zack Hample is the moron who catches all those home run balls. You’ve probably heard of him. I interviewed him once because he got kicked out of Citizens Bank Park. He was back last night and, incredibly, got Harper’s home run.

Hample donates money to charity, but that’s a soft counter to a grown ass man who assails his way to wayward baseballs. This is his 67th home run ball, which is incredible. But when you dedicate your life to grabbing other men’s balls, you’re bound to get your hands on at least a few of them. Cool beans, bro.”

Here’s Hample tonight totally eating shit while trying to grab a Brandon Belt homer:

We know it’s him because he confirmed it on Twitter.

I think the best part of the video is when he reaches out to grab the ball while laying on the ground, but the other guy snags it instead. Hilarious.

Anyway, Hample does charity work, so he’s not totally a dork. He’s been kicked out of some ballparks in the past and is regarded as a somewhat controversial character based on other incidents I wrote about in a 2019 story titled “Is Zack Hample Cool? Or is he a Weirdo?”

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