Anthony Gargano Cuts off Guest Nine Times in One Radio Hit

Tyler Tynes went on Anthony Gargano’s show Tuesday afternoon.

You might know Tynes as a Philly native and former freelancer who started a new gig with GQ not long ago. He recently did profile pieces on Ben Simmons and DeVonta Smith, among others.

So the Cuz had him on to talk Ben Simmons, and then proceeded to cut him off multiple times instead of letting him finish any point he was trying to make.

Here’s the interview:

Dunno why, but it was really awkward listening to that entire exchange. By my count, he cut off Tynes nine times in the 10-minute portion of the interview dealing with Simmons. I know it’s two guys having a conversation, and naturally it’s gonna go back and forth, but a few of those interruptions were abrupt.

And here’s the thing –

Both participants were making valid points. Tynes is right that Simmons can focus on what he does well because he has shooters around him. Maybe he’ll never be a shooter himself. Cuz is right when he points out that Simmons, at some point, should be unlocking a new part of his game, and evolving and mutating into something even better than what he already is.

There just seems to be this weird generational split, RE: Simmons, where younger Sixers fans don’t get bent out of shape in the same way older Sixers fans do. One side seems to focus more on what he does well while the other focuses on the one thing he does not do well (or at all). You see more of an acceptance for Simmons and his one major flaw in younger fans while the 35+ crowd feels like the package is incomplete. And to be fair to the latter, it’s not always coming from a place of negativity. There’s a large portion of people out there who want to see Ben add a shot to make himself a complete and well-rounded and hopefully unstoppable type of player.

Weird interview though.

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