Eagles Notes: Jon Runyan Comps and a Coach who Allegedly Does Not Consume Caffeine

Nick Sirianni is an energetic guy.

What do you think he drinks every day? Four cups of coffee? Red Bull? Five hour energy?

Nothing, according to Howie Roseman, who said this today on the WIP morning show:

“It’s kind of funny, because everyone thinks he drinks a lot of coffee. He actually doesn’t even drink caffeine. This is just him, naturally.”

I call bullshit. There is no way anybody has that kind of energy without some kind of outside influence. Unless this guy is naturally producing an abnormally high amount of vitamin B6, like a mutant, there’s no way he stays this alert and energetic throughout the day. Tell us your secret, coach.

Anyway, we sidebar’d the Tom Donahoe story earlier, and here are some other notes and quotes that we found interesting:

  • DeVonta Smith had been on their radar “for so long.” Roseman noted that they had eyes on him going back to his freshman year at Alabama.
  • They considered moving up to nine before moving up to 10.
  • He really likes how “the ball finds DeVonta Smith,” and noted that he saw a lot of targets despite playing alongside future NFL players Henry Ruggs, Jaylen Waddle, and Jerry Jeudy.
  • They really like Landon Dickerson’s personality, which reminds them of Jon Runyan. “He wants to put people in the ground. He wants to bury guys.” Roseman thinks the injury thing is a risk worth taking.
  • He says if cameras were rolling throughout the entirety of the draft, they would have showed Eagles brass being upset with other guys they liked going off the board.

He also called the idea of going off separate draft boards and ignoring his staff “ridiculous” –

“Every single person on our staff has their own draft board. That’s how we write up reports. Everyone in the system – Nick has his own draft board, Andy Weidl, Tom Donahoe, I have my own draft board. That’s how we rank players. That’s how our system is set up to do that. We have an Eagles draft board that reflects a lot of things. My job is to bring them all together, to get the coaches’ perspective, to get the scouts’ perspective, the medical perspective, character, as we do this process. My job is to reflect all of that. I listen to everyone to try to make these decisions. At the same time, somebody may be unhappy because it may not be reflected accurately in all of the information that I have that they may not have. I think that’s the job of everyone in my position around the league…. This isn’t unique to the Philadelphia Eagles.”

More notes:

  • They were unanimous on the Smith selection.
  • The entire group could not be “more excited about this draft.”
  • He noted that in 2016 it only took them 12 months to rebuild, when people told them it was going to take five years.
  • He beat Sirianni in rock/paper/scissors.

Roseman laughed off the idea that Sirianni is just a puppet for himself and Lurie:

“That’s (ridiculous), this guy has been waiting for the opportunity his whole life. You think he’s just gonna do whatever (somebody tells him?) We want his perspective and his opinion. We respect him, that’s why he’s the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. This is a guy who is ready for the opportunity and we want to reflect what he’s looking for in his vision. We work together to do that and I couldn’t be more excited for our players to get on the field.”

Good interview. Need Angelo to permanently shut off the fake outrage shtick and just be a full-time interviewer instead.

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