At Crossing Broad, we believe that the Sixers fan who flipped Russell Westbrook the double birds deserves to ring the bell at a playoff game.

His name is Richard Harkaway, and he’s actually a urologist. That’s awesome. Not only is he a Sixers supporter but he’s well-versed in the genitourinary tract, which includes our kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra, and male reproductive organs. Hopefully you won’t need to visit a urologist in the near future, but they are there when we need them.

John Clark, who has been killing it lately, caught up with Harkaway and you should check out his video here:

Great interview. Appreciate the shout out from John. And Dan Roche took some of the quotes and did a write up on this over at NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Also, and this is hilarious to me for some reason, but when you Google Harkaway’s name, the picture of him flipping the birds appears next to his business info:

Perfect. Sixers gotta get Dr. Harkaway to ring the bell.