Nick Sirianni Speaks on the First Day of Minicamp

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to the media on the first day of rookie minicamp.

Here’s what he said over the course of a 19-minute availability, in bullet point format:

  • The main message on day one was “go out there and show us what you can do.
  • His message to coaching staff was to keep it simple and put guys in a position to exhibit their skill and ability.
  • DeVonta Smith is described as a “lead by example” type of player. “He can’t wait for the information to get to him, and can’t wait to get better, and I know that’s contagious.”
  • Undrafted free agent Jamie Newman is the only QB in minicamp. “Good athlete, hard to bring down, sharp in the classroom” – that’s how Sirianni described him.
  • He continues to emphasize fundamentals and technique and is going to be a “relentless pitbull” when it comes to those two things.
  • He does not believe it’s “good coaching” to install an offense without adapting to the roster and playing to their strengths. They’re mindful of the fact that Jalen Hurts can move around and extend plays and do things with his feet.
  • No interest in the Jalen Hurts/starting QB topic. He did a pretty good dancing around multiple questions on the subject and just gave a generic “we’re all trying to get better” answer when queried.
  • He really liked DeVonta Smith’s arm length, catch radius and route running. Said he showed “excellent ability to change direction at the top of the route,” which was even better than what he showed on tape.

Not a ton of takeaways, but he seemed a lot more comfortable in this setting. Sirianni didn’t go off the rails with the excitement and seemed to be a lot more in “command,” if that makes any sense.

Here’s the full video if you want to check it out:



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