Sixers Add Gary Clark on Two-Way Deal

Photo Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

From Woj:

Two-way players are actually allowed to play in the playoffs this year, so they can use Clark if they want. But I can’t imagine the playoff rotation beyond round two will feature more than Dwight Howard, George Hill, and Shake Milton off the bench.

Clark is 26 years old and was signed by the Rockets as an undrafted free agent back in 2018, so this is a reunion with GM Daryl Morey. All he really did offensively down there was take catch-and-shoot threes, which is a desirable trait among contemporary NBA role players. He had a couple of good games with Orlando in the bubble playoffs, and then was included in Aaron Gordon trade and later waived by Denver.

This is a fringe/depth move for the future, a Morey redux if you will. Clark is almost 27 years old and only in his third NBA season, so we’ll see if they can mold him into something for 2022.

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