Sixers Giving Free Tickets to 500 Fans Who Get Vaccinated

Earlier this week, the Flyers ran a promotion offering free tickets to fans who got vaccinated at the season finale.

Now the Sixers are doing something similar:

You see all of these incentives to get vaccinated. Free beer. Free tickets. Free blah blah. Maybe we all should have waited and then selected our compensation from a buffet of options.

That’s the Negadelphia take – the idea that we’re now bribing people to get a vaccine that was already free. The Posidelphia take is that the Sixers are encouraging folks at two North Philadelphia locations to get the shot. Whatever it takes to beat COVID-19 and move on forever.

For some background, the Black Doctor’s Consortium has been doing fantastic work in the city limits, testing and vaccinating in African-American neighborhoods that might not necessarily have access to what they need. Esperanza, meantime, opened a large vaccination center in Hunting Park, which is serving the largely-Hispanic communities up that way.

Good stuff all around. Here’s a chance to get the vaccine and go down and see your #1 seed Philadelphia 76ers, who just need one more win to clinch.