Start Your Day the Right Way, with 26 Minutes of Ryan Kerrigan Sacks

from Instagram

The Eagles went out and signed Washington sack leader Ryan Kerrigan on Monday afternoon, which seemed like a universally-accepted addition.

Criticism? Very little. The only gripe making the rounds on social media and sports radio was that he might be taking snaps from some of the younger players, but the thing is that the Eagles are already starting 33 year old Brandon Graham, so you could make the same argument for BG. In a transitional year, adding the 32 year old Kerrigan to a rotation that includes Derek Barnett, Josh Sweat, and some rookies is going to be just fine. You can get younger after this season if you’d like.

Now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this video, showing all of Kerrigan’s 95.5 career sacks. Just ignore the ones that took place against the Eagles.

(unfortunately the Washington Football Team has blocked the video for display on other websites, so you have to click through and watch it on their Youtube channel)

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