Washington Capitals Pull a Tweet and Delete After Asshole Tom Wilson Strikes Again (Updated)

Rose are red, violets are blue, Tom Wilson is a raging asshole, and he always has been.

Monday, the Capitals’ douchebag/enforcer hybrid was at it again, this time punching New York’s Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the head after smushing his face into the ice:

As part of the same sequence, he then grabbed Artemi Panarin by the hair and pulled him down to the ice:

It’s all ridiculous. Totally crosses a line. It makes me want to climb into the penalty box and throw a few punches myself, like the Flyers fan who wanted to tangle with Tie Domi.

Wilson got a 10-minute misconduct for that, with shouts from every NHL fan who does not support the Capitals calling for a ban or suspension of some sort.

Then, the Caps’ social media person decided to tweet this out:

It was deleted about 30 minutes later.

From Tarik Al-Bashir at The Athletic:

A team official told The Athletic that the tweet didn’t meet the team’s social media standards.

Since Jan. 1, the team’s main account has sent out more than 2,700 tweets. But that one — and in particular the choice of the word “violence” — missed the mark, the official said.

Yeah, listen, I think people get a little too worked up about the slightest offenses on social media, but after you slam a guy’s head into the ground and then unleash a few more cheap shots on another dude, probably advisable to stay away from the the idea of “choosing violence.”

Anyway, Tom Wilson is an asshole. Same Tom Wilson who was suspended for seven games in March after hitting Brandon Carlo, which kept Carlo out for nearly a month. Same Wilson who was suspended four times prior to that incident. Guy has always been a loser who crosses the line with regularity.



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