Al Horford’s Siblings Checking In

from Anna Horford's Twitter

Spotted on Twitter:

Did they?

Did Sixers fans try to blame Al Horford for all of their problems?

I don’t think that’s the case. He just didn’t fit here. Same with Josh Richardson. It was a roster construction issue and you can’t boil it down to any one player working out or not working out. He was given a contract that turned out to be poor, Daryl Morey realized his predecessor’s mistake, and then corrected it.

I see fans tangling with Anna Horford on Twitter all the time, but it seems like there’s some strawman stuff going on here. 2020 was never going to work out with the way that team was put together. There was a lot of blame to go around. Horford. Simmons getting injured. Richardson. Brett Brown. Elton Brand, etc.

Meantime, Horford is stuck in some sort of lame duck purgatory, which is unfortunate, but he’s getting paid nicely to do nothing. If he wants to play he can scrub the contract and go somewhere else, but no clue what he prefers at this point.

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