Apparently We’re Gonna Have to Wait for a Kelly Green Revival

The NFL this week scrapped its “one-helmet” rule, which had previously kept teams from being able to roll out some alternate uniform combinations that fans wanted to see.

It paves the way for kelly green to make a Philadelphia comeback, but according to Rob Tornoe at the Inquirer, we may actually have to wait until next year:

“An Eagles spokesman said the team is “excited about the possibilities and is beginning to look into its options, as the policy was just released. Any new developments will be announced at the appropriate time.”

But sources with the team said the NFL deadline for uniform selection for the 2022 season has already passed, and the Eagles submitted their black alternate jersey. Any new helmet the team could wear would have to work with those uniforms, so barring a change from the league, fans won’t get to see the Birds in kelly green until 2023 at the soonest.”

Meh. It would have been nice to see it this year. The more options you have, the better, unless you’re Oregon football. Then it becomes overkill. I think they’ve done 4,567 uniform combinations over the years.

My original take was that kelly green was a loser color, the color of Buddy Ryan and the F Lot Crew. But the Birds have been wearing midnight green since 1996 and we don’t get to see much else unless they roll the all-black or all-white uniforms. So let’s mix it up. Let’s throw some kelly green in there and add some spice and some variety and we’ll get this thing cooking as the Birds go 15-2 and claim the #1 seed in the NFC.

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