In what’s become a hotly-contested affair in the second half of Game 4 between the Sixers and Hawks, Joel Embiid embraced the role of the supervillain masterfully. Embiid was in the midst of arguing his case from an earlier possession in which he didn’t get the call after getting shoved in the back underneath the basket. While free throws were being attempted, he laid into the official, which led to the Hawks’ fans raining down boos. Embiid didn’t take too kindly:

Honestly, good for Joel. Atlanta fans are annoying. Arthur Blank gets to circumvent rules to bolster Atlanta United’s squad, the Braves have that annoying tomahawk chop song, and these dweebazoid Hawks fans hypocritically cheer whenever Trae Young initiates contact on wild jumpers while deriding Embiid for appealing for a fair call.