Good News for the 175 Eagles Beat Reporters

when you're excited to get access back (via John Clark)

How many folks cover the Eagles these days?

50? 60? 70? One hundred?!

It’s a large group. Good group, too. Lots of folks who do good work. Only a handful of frauds.

We’ve got positive news on a Wednesday afternoon, as the NFL and players union agreed to new COVID guidelines, which includes:

See ya Zoom! FOH. We’re getting this thing back to normal down at the NovaCare Complex. We need fist fights and press box ejections. We need “Food and Drink Warz” between Howard Eskin and Jimmy Kempski. We need Jeff McLane asking Doug Pederson if “The King” is leaking stories on behalf of the team.

It’s time to make the Eagles beat great again. MEBGA!

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