If Rhys Hoskins was Tom Brady, or Played for a Winning Team, then He Could Tell the Media What to Write

Rhys Hoskins had himself a series in New York.

Zero hits in four games. Four walks, five strikeouts, and one run on a third-inning double from Nick Maton. The Phils split the series and are now 36-39 and five games out of first place.

For Hoskins, the big takeaway was the ridiculous error he committed on Saturday night, paying homage to Bill Buckner as a 9th inning ground ball went off his glove and through his legs, putting the lead-off batter on first in what ended up being a blown Hector Neris save:

Brutal watching that live. You knew as soon as that happened that Neris was going to get rattled and blow the save, which is exactly what happened. New York scored a pair of runs to win 4-3.

Afterward, Hoskins said this:

Hoskins, in part:

“I gotta catch the ball. I gotta make the play. I really believe that if we get that out to start the ninth that we win that game, that we have a chance to win the biggest series of the year (Sunday with Zack Wheeler on the mound). I’m sure you’re gonna write about that, I’m sure you’re going to write about the defense, and the last couple nights we haven’t made a couple of plays that we should have, for sure, I would definitely tell you that, I think (Alec Bohm) would tell you that, so if you’re gonna write about that, obviously write about it, but don’t forget to write about the great things (Saturday). Eflin outdueled deGrom, in maybe the biggest game of the year…”

“Write about defense, write about how I didn’t catch the ball, but don’t forget to write about the really really good things that went on today as well…”

He was pretty much criticized for this. Always comes off odd when you tell somebody how to do their job, or what to write, or anything of the sort. Obviously the Phillies writers are gonna get it all in the recap. It’s all going in there. Maton’s RBIs, McCutchen’s sac fly, the Mets’ errors, Eflin, etc. And the Hoskins error is a big play in the same game, of course.

Normally when an athlete has something to say to the media, you kind of go through their profile and see whether they have the clout. If Tom Brady was handing out advice, you’d pay attention, because he’s got more Super Bowl rings than he can fit on one hand. But Rhys Hoskins has what? Top RBI and home run numbers on a sub-.500 team? A .758 OPS? Current numbers that extrapolate to fall somewhere between his 2018 and 2019 seasons?

Hoskins has been pretty good this year, but his numbers are down in June and you can’t commit a brutal error like that and then proceed to tell the media to write about. Just say “I gotta make that play” and then we’re on to the next game. There’s no upside in phrasing your comment like that.