Kid Trolls Alex Bregman, Who Proceeds to Hit Home Run and Two Doubles in 8-3 Win

via Twitter (@bushleague101)

Fans ripping the cheating Houston Astros?

That’s probably going to continue indefinitely. We’ve got trash can jokes and booing and all sorts of stuff being directed at the guys who swindled their way to a World Series back in 2017. The scandalous sign stealers.

Sometimes, it backfires though, and Alex Bregman got trolled by some kid before Wednesday night’s Houston/Boston game up in Fenway:

Not sure if this kid is cool or dumb for doing this. It’s a little cringe.

Regardless, he jinxed it, and had to sit there and take this in:


The irony here is that the kid’s a New England sports fan, we’d assume, and the region is a bastion of sporting integrity, right? The Red Sox and Patriots? Come on man.

Bregman went 3-4 last night with two doubles and a home run. The Astros are 5-1 against the Red Sox this season. Both of these baseball franchises are revolting and we could do without ’em, but you gotta laugh when some snotty kid gets owned.

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