Le’Veon Bell Apologizes for Talking About Andy Reid on Social Media, But Still Doesn’t Like Him

Photo Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Random story here, but Sunday, Le’Veon Bell went on Instagram and said the following:

“I’d never play for Andy Reid again… I’d retire first.”

Bell was picked up by the Chiefs after his Jets release, and he only played nine games, running for 254 yards and scoring two touchdowns.

The thing that’s strange is that you rarely hear anything negative about Big Red from players. They generally love playing for the guy. Taco Tuesday and Fast Food Friday and all of that. He’s always been seen as a guy who treats his players the right way, but obviously Bell doesn’t share that sentiment, according to him.

He did follow up on Twitter, holding firm to his belief but admitting that he shouldn’t have voiced his displeasure in the first place:

Alright, well we need to know what Big Red said to Bell that was personal.

Did he tell him that he’s washed up and terrible at football? Did he tell him that Michigan State stinks? Did he tell him that his favorite cheesesteak place isn’t very good?

That hold out season really killed Bell, if you think about it. He didn’t play in 2018, then joined the Jets, got stuck with terrible coaching and terrible QB play, and then looked up and all of a sudden he was 28 years old and playing behind a rookie in Kansas City.

Life comes at you fast.

Let’s check in with the Honey Badger: