Philadelphia Inquirer Adds an Eagles Reporter

from his Twitter

Can’t have enough Eagles coverage these days, right? Right?!

Here comes Josh Tolentino to join the fold:

Tolentino was most recently a Miami Dolphins reporter for The Athletic and also covered the Rays and Packers. He had a brief stop at the Kansas City Star and worked for a company called “Shaw Media,” which is based out of the Chicago area. According to his Linkedin page, he’s a 2017 graduate of Illinois State University, which should make all of us feel very old.

Interestingly enough, he uses the phrase “digital-focused” in the tweet, which is what the Inquirer stressed in the sports editor job posting from a few weeks back. That gig went to Michael Huang, who is tasked with transitioning the newspaper into something more applicable to the times. The Inky used to have four Eagles beats, before Zach Berman left, so now Tolentino joins Jeff McLane, Les Bowen, and Paul Domowitch, we think… We’ll see what they have him do, or if this new “digital” role is something different.

Either way, let’s give a warm Philadelphia welcome to Josh, who is joining the bloodthirsty Eagles media corps. As long as he doesn’t get tossed from the press box or get into a physical altercation with a colleague, he should be okay.