Phillies Going Back to In-Person Media Access

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We’re going going, back back, to in-person access:

Good stuff, just need that postgame and locker room access and then it’s pre-pandemic days at CBP.

How much you wanna bet the NBA doesn’t let reporters do any in-person stuff for the remainder of the playoffs? I’m setting the odds at -500. We’ll probably be stuck doing Zoom calls until next year. That would make some sense, honestly. We’ve made it this far and the last thing we need is a player getting COVID from some reporter in the locker room. It would be nice to get Doc and the players in-person again, but my hunch is that it’s all virtual until the Finals wrap up.

At least things are getting back to normal down at the ballpark. Need reporters down there to ask the HARD questions.