RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Rips Mysterious “Thieves and Glommers”

Shout out to Twitter follower “Cobra,” who alerted us to a RADIO WARS post earlier today.

It involves Anthony Gargano, aka The Cuz, who came out of the 1:30 commercial break on Monday’s midday show and proceeded to rip somebody for apparently stealing his material.

The rant went for about two minutes and I clipped it for you here:

The Cuz:

“Alright it’s 1:30, hey by the way, let me just say one thing. There’s a lot of thieves and a lot of glommers, right? And a lot people out there that loooove to try to go steal people’s things and thrust themselves in the middle of things. They’re just a bunch of nothings, alright? Because you’ve got no pride.

See here’s the thing; I don’t care what you do, what you say, I don’t really care, because I don’t pay attention to you. But everybody knows the truth of who starts what, who says what in this town. So if you’re that weak and that pathetic, that you have to steal and glom and you can’t think originally, there’s a reason why you are what you are. Give me a break. Have some pride. It’s a thing I never understood about this business, is how you can steal other people’s stuff, when everybody knows, listen, it’s all out there anyway. People have no originality and they have no pride. They’re fake. I would never steal anybody’s intellectual property, you know why? Because I’ve got pride. Forget about right and wrong, because we all know what’s right and wrong, but it’s about pride, and what you do and what you can create. Create your own stuff. People are pathetic. Really pathetic. Every day I just shake my head at the weakness and pridelessness that goes on. Have an ounce of self respect. Unbelievable.”

I have no idea who Anthony is talking about here. Truly. I have no clue.

It would make sense if it was somebody from WIP, since they’re the rival radio station, and if The Cuz was gonna rip somebody at his own station, I don’t think he’d do it like this, on the air. You’d think if there was a 97.5 issue he’d handle it internally, so I can’t imagine he’s unhappy with a colleague.

The only thing I could think of was this recent tweet from Eytan, which is talking about the “play the song” Sixers thing:

Doesn’t make sense though. Eytan is giving The Cuz credit for creating that bit and going with it, so certainly there’s no animosity there. Maybe somebody else is doing the “play the song” bit as if it’s new and unique. That’s my best guess.

The sticking point here is that you gotta try to figure out what’s unique to Gargano’s show. His show is mostly just straightforward sports talk with phone calls, so what is this “pathetic” individual stealing?

I’ve got some text messages and DMs out. We’ll see if we can solve this mystery. We must find out who the fake thieves and glommers are.

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