Marc Zumoff is calling it a career, which is deserved, but still a bummer. A lot of younger Sixers fans have known only Zoo as the team’s play-by-play announcer. He did it for 27 years as part of a broadcasting career that spanned decades.

I have to be honest; I don’t even remember the last time Zumoff missed a regular season Sixers game. There were a couple of preseason games this year where radio PBP guy Tom McGinnis stepped in for Marc while he was recovering from back surgery, but beyond that I couldn’t tell you the last time Zumoff was not in the chair.

That said, the spot seems to wide open. There does not appear to be a natural heir to the throne, nor is there an obvious replacement. McGinnis would make sense, but Tom likes doing radio, and so you’d have to ask him personally if it’s a job he’d even want. We’ll see.

Meantime, Vegas has some early odds on Zumoff’s replacement (not really):

  • Brian Seltzer: +125
  • Tom McGinnis: +650
  • Tom McCarthy: +800
  • Gus Johnson: +900
  • Jim Jackson: +1500
  • Scott Graham: +3600
  • Dei Lynam: +3800
  • Mike Scott: +4000
  • Spike Eskin: +7500
  • Michael Rubin and Bob Kraft with Meek Mill (four-man booth w/ Alaa): +17500
  • Eric Snow: +18000
  • Malik Rose: +18000
  • Sonny Hill: +19000
  • Adam Lefkoe: +20000
  • Kevin Negandhi: +21000
  • Matt Cord: +180000
  • Anthony Gargano: +190000
  • Devon Givens: +200000
  • Tyrone Johnson: +200000
  • Bob Cooney: +200000
  • Marv Albert: +250000
  • Doris Burke: +280000
  • Doug Collins: +290000
  • Amy Fadool: +300000
  • Ryan Fannon: +40000000000
  • Howard Eskin: +50000000000
  • Bryan Colangelo: +75000000000000

Some good value in there. If you bet $1 on Bryan Colangelo, and he gets the job, you win 750 billion. Not a bad haul, if you think about it.

My money is on McGinnis. Radio is completely different than television, and the former is probably more fun, but maybe he gives it some thought and decides it’s time for a change. Maybe…

We’ll keep an eye on these odds and see what Vegas does here.