Shaquille O’Neal is Going to have to GOOGLE Mike Missanelli

Hilarious moment during halftime of Game 5 between the Sixers and Hawks.

We got shout outs for John Kincade, Mikey Miss, and even Howard “The King” Eskin:

Here’s a transcript:

Ernie Johnson: Uh, yes, Shaq?

Shaq: That’s barbecue chicken alert. <makes a bird sound> I know John Kincade is loving that.

Ernie: Shout out to a Philadelphia talk show host.

Shaq: Yes.

Ernie: Who used to be in Atlanta.

Shaq: Yes.

Charles Barkley: Hey what about Mike Missanelli?

Shaq: Huh?

Barkley: My boy Mike Missanelli.

Shaq: Who’s that?

Barkley: Howard Eskin, too!


Now here’s the thing –

Shaq has known Kincade for some time now. He’d call in to his national show and has also done some local hits since John came over to 97.5 the Fanatic. Charles, as you know, has appeared regularly on Mike’s show over the years, and so he’s just shouting out his guy. Obviously Shaq doesn’t know who Mike is, so what he needs to do is GOOGLE HIM!

And then the shout out for Eskin to cap it off? Perfect. Take this video clip and put it in The Louvre.

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