Spike Eskin Isn’t Wrong About Ben Simmons, Part 2

via RTRS

We did a post back in December called “Spike Eskin isn’t Wrong About Ben Simmons.” He wrote a 94 WIP column that basically said Simmons is the same offensive player in year four that he was in year one. The fact check via the Crossing Broad investigation team finds this to be mostly true.

After last night’s loss, Spike got it pretty much right again on RTRS:

I spot no lies.

Do you? Good line about the bitcoin thing, too. There’s always some tech weirdo that will bend over backwards to defend Ben Simmons to a fault.

And look, it’s been exhausting, trying to be fair to Ben. We give him credit when he plays well and criticize him when he plays poorly. He’s just got such a unique skillset when it comes to positives and negatives that it causes this ultra-partisan rift where opinions exist so far on opposite sides of the spectrum that it makes Pluto seem to close to Earth, in comparison.

The reality we’re coming to is that the concern about Simmons being a half court, fourth quarter, playoff liability is 100% legit. It’s really the only thing that matters. If you can’t influence the game in postseason crunch time situations, then how do you justify occupying a spot on the floor? It sounds harsh, but it is what it is.

Good rant from Spike, who took a new gig as WFAN’s Program Director. WIP is interviewing for his replacement as we speak. I also like his array of guitars on the wall. I spot a Les Paul Studio, a Fender Strat, and I think that’s a Telecaster over his left shoulder. Maybe we’ll set up a jam session one of these days. We’ll do some Judas Priest and RATT tunes, like it’s the good ‘ole days of 94 WYSP. The rock you grew up with.

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