The Ultimate List of Marc Zumoff Sayings

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In honor of Marc Zumoff, who is retiring, I would like to share this graphic that was put together a few years ago by Reddit user “ank1613.” This individual compiled a “master key” of Marc Zumoff play-by-play calls.

I checked the list and almost everything is in there. It’s a thorough list, though a few more suggestions popped up in the comments section below the chart:

User “loucap81” offered a few more additions:

“You can count it AND a foul!” –A Sixers player just made a tough basket for an and-1.

“…with a man’s rebound” –A player just grabbed a contested rebound in the paint.

“Flicks on the high beams” –Forget what this is, I think it’s a player taking it to the basket in traffic.

(Iverson era) “…getting jiggy with it”–Player is playing isolation ball and trying to hit a close-range shot.

So good. Unique and fun for 27 years on the Sixers broadcasts. Congrats to Marc on a great career.

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