This Interaction Between Jeff Stoutland and Jeff McLane is an All-Timer

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Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

Can’t have nothing but basketball posts on the site. It’s a football town! (610-632-0975 if you wanna get in)

Today the Birds’ offensive line guru, Jeff Stoutland, spoke to the media, and this interaction with Jeff McLane may very well go on the Mount Rushmore of Philadelphia reporter/coach exchanges:


First of all, I don’t think McLane is asking anything unreasonable here. Stoutland is the only coach remaining from the prior regime. A large portion of the fan base is intrigued and befuddled by the Doug Pederson firing and perhaps dissatisfied with the answers they got from the front office regarding his departure. So here comes Jeff to ask somebody with a unique perspective for their view on the situation. It wasn’t out of line at all.

Stoutland, of course, is bullshitting when he says he doesn’t know what happened behind the scenes. Of course he knows. He’s just taking the high road and playing the “that’s not my lane” card, which is predictable and safe. We wouldn’t expect anything less, nor should the guy cross any boundaries regarding a player and coach who are no longer here.

I do appreciate how Stoutland sounds like Tony Soprano at the 53 second mark –

How do you know?! You don’t know?! I don’t know.”


Stoutland says he might do a podcast when he retires, so let’s hold him to it. We’ll get him on somebody’s show and he can spill the beans about the Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson thing.

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