This “Philly Cheesesteak Pizza” Looks Gross

from Food Insider

Each month, it seems like we get a national food video that shows intrigue in something local.

Last month, we got a video from Food Insider about tomato pie, which is just whatever. If you get it from Corropolese or one of the premier spots, then it’s good. Otherwise it’s just sauce on bread and not worthy of consumption, unless it’s the only thing remaining at the tailgate, which is often the case.

This month, here comes Food Insider again, this time highlighting a “Philly cheesesteak pizza” made by some place up New York City:

This looks gross, even on video. I kind of want to ralph all over the place. My appetite for lunch is completely gone.

I mean, look at the cheese. It’s not even melted. If I wanted to eat something like this, I’d go to ACME and buy a $5 quiche, because that’s what this is. It’s not pizza. It’s a glorified quiche.

Says the woman in the video:

“I really expected this to taste like a normal pizza because it looks like a pizza, but it actually tastes a lot more like a Philly cheesesteak sandwich because there’s no marinara sauce.”

Wow. Now that is a profound observation. She was expecting it to taste like a pizza because it looks like a pizza. But ACTUALLY, it tastes like a “Philly cheesesteak sandwich” (nobody says this) because, well, they just took the same ingredients and put it on dough instead of a roll.

Ironically, the veggie/chicken rollup they show at the end of the clip looks a lot better than the cheesesteak thing, and let’s be real here – places outside of Philly should stop making “Philly cheesesteak” items. No sandwiches, no pizza, none of that. Sometimes less is more.

Anyway, sorry if this sounded negative. I’m burned out on Ben Simmons talk and it’s bleeding into other posts.

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