Union Alumnus Mark McKenzie Reveals Racial Abuse on Instagram

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The United States beat Mexico 3-2 in extra time on Sunday night, winning the CONCACAF Nations League. It was an insane game that came down to a couple of penalty kicks in the dying moments.

On the field for the U.S. was Hershey’s Christian Pulisic, Coatesville’s Zack Steffen, and Bear, Delaware native Mark McKenzie, who played for the Union until this past winter, when he was transferred to Belgium’s KRC Genk.

McKenzie, who is only 22 and recently broke into the men’s national team, later shared some racial abuse he received on Instagram:

No bueno. Unfortunately, Sunday’s game featured a handful of bad fan behavior moments (which we were told only happens in Philadelphia.)

The match had to be stopped late after Mexico fans used a Spanish-language chant that has recently been deemed as derogatory. Drinks were thrown onto the field, one of which hit a Mexican player in the side of the head, and a guy even ran towards the broadcast set but jumped over a railing when security got near him.

Considering how boorish some of that stuff was on Sunday night, it’s sadly not surprising to see this post from McKenzie. He made a mistake early in the game, and that could be the reason why he was targeted, but nobody should have to be subjected to that. Of course the account in question features no name and no image, and it feels like there’s gotta be a way to police these anonymous/troll accounts that only serve to cause problems. It’s pitiful.

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