10 Thoughts on the Flyers Schedule

Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers schedule dropped on Thursday night.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here you go. Orange games at home and white games on the road:

Some thoughts, in no real order:

  1. It wouldn’t be a Flyers season without an opening night against some random Western Conference team.
  2. Dave Hakstol returns to Philly early. I think he’ll get a totally ‘meh’ reception. Some light booing, basically not much at all.
  3. Four games at home to start the year is fantastic. Hasn’t happened in decades.
  4. Nice three-day break before that Western Canada swing, but it’s annoying that they have to play Vancouver and Edmonton on back-to-back nights. You’d almost rather play that Oilers road game on Tuesday.
  5. First half of November is tough. At Pitt, at Washington, the Leafs at home, then at Carolina, at Dallas, and that Tampa/Boston/Tampa stretch. Woof.
  6. Love that Tampa/Colorado back-to-back at home in December. Should be two great games, we hope.
  7. That five game road trip is broken up by Christmas, which isn’t bad. Pittsburgh before the break, then Seattle and the California teams on several days rest is doable.
  8. Very easy way to come out of the Olympic break with a road game in Detroit followed by six-straight at home.
  9. That late-March stretch is pretty rough. Five game road trip, then a home/away back-to-back with the Rangers and Leafs is tough.
  10. Four of six on the road to end the year is also tough, but they can win in Winnipeg and Chicago.

Pretty fun schedule. I’m sure Anthony and Russ will talk about it on the next STG but they’ll be happy if I plug the podcast here:

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