10 Years Ago Today

What a day it was:

It did not work out for Nnamdi in Philadelphia. He only played two seasons here, and was released after the Birds couldn’t restructure his contract. He played a final season in San Fran and then called it quits.

He’s doing pretty good for himself though. Married Kerry Washington and has two young kids. He’s got a burgeoning acting career. Seems like that ill-fated Birds stint was a blip on an otherwise impressive radar. Nnamdi was a three-time Pro Bowler for the Raiders, if you can believe it.

To celebrate this anniversary, let’s all eat lunch in our cars today.


Correct, they did trade for Pence on 7/29/2011. Big shift in the Philly sports landscape around this time. Flyers about to turn the Richards/Carter corner, Andy Reid on his way out, Sixers on their last pre-Process legs, and Union just getting started.

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