Roll Tide!

Alabama’s quarterback Bryce Young, who hasn’t even started a collegiate football game, is close to being a millionaire.

That’s according to head ball coach Nick Saban, who said this about the 19 year old’s early success converting his name, image, and likeness into profit:

Bryce Young played nine games last year but all off the bench, basically when Mac Jones was pulled as the Tide were steamrolling their unfortunate opponents. He’s a California native who threw for more than 13,000 yards in high school and went to Bama as a five-star recruit.

You see anything wrong with a teenager making near-seven figures before his first college start? I don’t. Anybody should be able to “get the bag,” as the kids like to say these days. I, too, would like to “get the bag,” so if anybody wants to endorse a crappy Philadelphia sports writer, just email me at I will shill for anything except India Pale Ale and condiments.

But on a more serious note, if these teenage Youtube types or pop stars can make a ton of money before age 22, then why not college athletes? It’s Capitalism, right? If you provide something that people demand, or can find a niche in the open market, then go for it. Go profit from that. As 50 Cent once said, you have to get rich, or die trying.