Ben Simmons and his People are Reportedly “In Step With a Move Elsewhere”

Ben Simmons in 2019
Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


I love the words and phrases Woj uses in these tweets. “Canvass” the league. They are “in step” with a move elsewhere.

This more or less confirms what we already figured was going to happen. Ben Simmons is outta here. It’s only a matter of time.

But the presence of this tweet is a little bothersome, just slightly, because if you’re thinking about dealing from a position of strength, this is not that. You don’t want Woj out here saying that the superstar and his agent are cool with a trade when you’re trying to leverage the best possible return. Obviously most GMs are well aware of Daryl Morey’s intention here, but you always want to keep things as close to the vest as you can.

There was a report earlier today that Miami would be a possible destination for Simmons, which seems like utter horse shit. Why would he play with Jimmy Butler? And there’s no way Jimmy would come back here in a trade. Doesn’t make any sense.

Portland seems reasonable. Toronto. San Antonio. Maybe the Kings.

Either way, draft night is tomorrow and we’re standing by. Let’s #DoTheDeal, whatever that deal may be.

Edit –

Let’s check in with the Iron Sheik:

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