This one resulted in a few erections among Crossing Broad staff members and will be sure to excite the portion of the Eagles fan base that hated Carson Wentz and still does:

72? It’s not inaccurate. Carson stunk up the joint last year. You could smell the stinkiness from Fleetwood all the way down to Egg Harbor township.

I stumbled upon a tweet from the Eagles Nation account that had all of Carson’s previous ratings, going back to Madden 18. At the start of that season, he was a 79 overall. He was then an 86, 82, and 84, with his highest peak being a 94 overall midway through the Super Bowl season, before he got injured and Nick Foles took over. This is a pretty sad decline for him, but maybe he can use it as BULLETIN BOARD MATERIAL.

The Madden 2022 ratings are being released this week, with different position groups each day. DeVonta Smith got  a 75 and if anything else interesting is revealed, I’ll throw it up on the site.