Carson Wentz’s “Personal Decision” and a Possibly Dumb Scenario

Photo Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Checking in on Carson Wentz:

He didn’t get it the vaccine. Seems pretty obvious.

At this point, people will say “oh my God who gives a shit,” but the Eagles need Carson to be on the field this year. They need him to play 75% of the snaps in order for that conditional first round draft pick to trigger. Can you imagine if Wentz goes on the COVID list, misses time, and then ends up logging 73.5% of the snaps instead?

Jimmy Kempski pondered this the other day, writing:

“I wonder how snaps missed as a result of COVID might affect Eagles-Colts trade conditions. As in, if Wentz is unvaxxed and he misses time, putting him under the minimum snap percentage threshold, does that formula get re-calculated?”

It’s a good question, and hopefully there’s no issue to begin with. It would be the dumbest thing in the world if Wentz missed time because he’s not vaxxed and it ended up costing the Birds a first rounder. A final slap in the face and fitting end to his tenure.

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