Eagles’ COVID Vaccination Rate Hovering Around 90% (Plus, a Tidbit from our Mystery Source)

Head coach Nick Sirianni and GM Howie Roseman spoke to the media after day one of training camp.

The first question was about COVID vaccinations, which resulted in this response from Roseman:

“We’re really excited about where we are from a team perspective. We’re over 90% of guys who have started the process. All we’re trying to do is educate them and try to give them the information. We understand it’s a very personal decision and they’re doing a great job with it, as is our medical team.”

“Over 90% of the guys have started the process and will be vaccinated. We continue to give information to the other guys.”

Without saying it outright, Roseman pretty much confirmed that 100% of staffers are vaccinated. He simply noted that you can’t be on the training fields without the vaccine, so there ya go. The NFL categorizes coaches/scouts/front office types as “Tier 1” employees who must have the COVID vaccine. Players do not have to get the needle.

We also had our Crossing Broad mystery Eagles source check in with this information:

“Overwhelming majority of players are vaccinated. I think only like 10 aren’t. Keep an eye on <redacted>. They are not vaccinated… team isn’t too happy about that. If they end up cutting him, we’ll know why.”

Not gonna name the guy, but we’ll keep an eye on the situation and see if the Eagles have further COVID issues. Three players were added to the list earlier today, including starting linebacker Alex Singleton.

Other notes from today’s presser:

  • Roseman expects Zach Ertz to be on the roster to begin the year. The pair had a 10-minute discussion on the field after practice.
  • Sirianni says Jalen Hurts has worked his butt off, and the Eagles hope he “takes the reins.” He’s earned the opportunity to roll with the first team. (basically he’s the starting QB even if they aren’t going to come out and say it directly)
  • Roseman says they have a “short list” of quarterbacks and other position players at all times, and didn’t want to comment directly when nudged on the Deshaun Watson reports.
  • Steven Nelson was on the team’s radar as soon as the Steelers released him, according to Roseman.
  • Nick Sirianni says they are going to “attack the crap” out of the film. Watch out, film.
  • They’re going day-by-day and not putting timetables on Rodney McLeod, Landon Dickerson, or any injured players.
  • Tim McManus tried again with a Jalen Hurts question and Roseman only reiterated that they want to “see him take the reins.”

Not a ton of important information in the presser other than the COVID stuff, but this was pretty cute:

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