Saw this on Twitter:

I’m not trying to go Negadelphia with this post, or pile on the Inquirer, or anything like that. I just think it’s telling when a guy who used to work for the paper comes out publicly and says he no longer supports it. And if you go through the ‘likes’ on that tweet, another Inquirer veteran is among the folks who clicked the button. Obviously feelings about the direction of the newspaper/digital entity are wide ranging and exist both internally and externally.

I can’t speak to what Phil says about “horrendous delivery,” since I read the Inky online, but no doubt there’s been “attrition in talent.” There have been numerous rounds of buyouts and others have left on their accord. As for quality, there’s still some really good work being done by Inquirer writers, but with the advent of web writing and amateur forays into the journalism industry, there’s an over-saturation that doubles as an option provider.

Interesting to see this from Sheridan, who was a sports columnist at the paper up until 2013. He left to go work for ESPN at that point in time.