Get Excited for Offseason Ben Simmons Instagram Posts

via Instagram (Chris Johnson)

It’s time we got it back to the Sixers.

Everybody wants to know what’s going on with Ben Simmons. Will he be traded? Is he gonna come back with a jump shot? Is he gonna be launching three pointers from way downtown?

After going to see his girlfriend in London following the pitiful, second-round exit, Simmons was back in the gym on his 25th birthday, according to him:


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A post shared by Ben Simmons (@bensimmons)

This should get everybody fired up, right?! He’s working on that game, baby! Nobody works harder. We’re on the grind out here. Maybe he’ll come back with a six-foot jump shot as he enters year number five. Right now, Ben’s max shooting distance is somewhere in the Reggie Evans and Rik Smits range, and we’re trying to extend it just a little bit further.

But on a serious note, he’s with trainer Chris Johnson in that second photo. He’s worked with Johnson before, actually linked up with him for the first time I believe back in the summer of 2019. Johnson has been in the game for a long time and trained Jimmy Butler, LeBron, D Wade, Tobias Harris, and some other big name players. He’s a good trainer. Just need him to make a breakthrough here. We desperately need this, for our sanity.

Help us, Chris Johnson. You’re our only hope.

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