How About This Upside Down Phillies Hat, Huh?

You gotta give credit to the designers over at New Era. They push the envelope. They experiment. They aren’t afraid to try new things.

But, I often ask myself a simple question when I see some of the latest designs:

Who the hell is wearing this shit? 

Yesterday, the popular Phillies Twitter account @FranzkeLA stumbled across this stylistic travesty. I present to you, the classic red dhillies cap:

I recommend a look at the replies to this tweet. It’s clear the people love this hat. I expect to see it all over the ballpark this weekend.

This upside down gem was unearthed about six weeks after the quick pull of New Era’s “Local Market” hats back in May.

Here’s how Kevin described that item at the time:

The “Local Market” line featured these gaudy hats that looked like Nascar jump suits. There was so much stuff squeezed onto the surface that they just seemed tacky.

On the Phillies cap, they put in a cheesesteak, a Liberty Bell, four local area codes, a 1776 badge, a picture of the state of Pennsylvania, and a 2008 World Series logo. It was very “busy,” as they say in the fashion industry.



Love the ambition by New Era. Love the approach. Just keep putting pucks on net. One of these designs will eventually score.