Howard ‘The King’ Eskin Thinks Cole Beasley is a “Flat Out Dope”


Howard Eskin is The King.

But Cole Beasley? He’s a dope! That’s according to Howard, who went in on the Bills receiver today over his anti-vaccination stance:

This is a classic internet rivalry. Howard vs. Cole Beasley. One of the better rivalries in football these days. Right up there with Steelers/Ravens and Mike Scott vs. The F Lot Crew. Eskin and Beasley have been sniping each other for the better part of a few years now.

In this case, Beasley is a guy who did not get the COVID vaccine. He came out back in June with a long statement explaining why he didn’t get immunized, where he said he’d “rather take my chances with Covid and build up my immunity that way.” It essentially amounts to a “personal choice” approach.

Beasley responded to The King:

“Howard the point I’m making is the rules by the NFL don’t make sense. It’s not about symptoms. You can still get it and pass it on regardless. Only now we won’t know who has it and for how long with one test a week. Mild or not if you test positive you are out for a bit.”

Earlier, Beasley tweeted something about giving his wife a cut of the profit if he got the vaccine, and Mark Cuban chimed in with an offer:

Whole thing is weird. I don’t really have a take because I’d just be writing the same thing I wrote about Aaron Nola and the Phillies this morning. If people don’t want to get the vaccination because of “personal choice,” so be it, but the problem is that personal choice doesn’t exist in a vacuum. What people do or don’t do affects the people around them, because we’re a nation of 300 million people who interact with one another, by necessity. We’re not 300 million hermits living in the woods. Our actions affect everybody else, whether we want to admit it or not.

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