The Carson Wentz Banner is Being Replaced with a Picture of the Lombardi Trophy

photo credit: John S from Facebook

On Twitter today, a user named PhillyPhan4133 shared a photo from Facebook that shows a new banner going up at the Linc.

Down goes Carson Wentz, up goes an image of the Lombardi Trophy, complete with Nick Foles’ hands:

PhillyPhan4133 did not take the photo, but credited a guy named “John S” on Facebook, so if you’re John S or can direct us to him, please do, and we’ll give him proper credit.

Thoughts on the choice?

I was thinking Jason Kelce would be the better option. It’s true that the Lombardi Trophy is timeless and they should celebrate the Super Bowl win, but it is a little weird to put this up four years later, especially after a four-win season. This banner would have made a lot more sense going up in 2018 instead of 2021.

But beyond Kelce, or the offensive line, who the hell else goes on the banner anyway? It’s a rebuilding year with a new team and new staff, and most of these players are unproven. Jalen Hurts ain’t going on a banner. DeVonta Smith is a rookie. Jalen Reagor? Miles Sanders? Fletcher Cox? Big Play Slay? Dave Spadaro? There were not a lot of options.


NBC flew the chopper over to the Linc and we got confirmation that this is legit –