Mike Missanelli Launched a New Website

via Mike's website (Mikemiss.com)

This is actually old news, but Mikey Miss recently launched a new website.

We got a press release about it, which goes like this:

NEWS RELEASE: Mike Missanelli Launches Website, Announces Partnerships

The website is www.mikemiss.com. It’s managed by a newly formed MikeMiss Ventures (MMV). The entity will handle all of Mike’s off-air business portfolio including brand partnerships, marketing, endorsements, appearances and charity engagements.

Under the MMV umbrella will be his strategic partnerships as well as his signature offerings which include things like  “MikeMiss Wine Club”; “Minute with Mike” (Mike’s blog); “Philly Pheud” (Mike’s TV game show) and the Mike Missanelli Golf Open (annual charitable event). MMV is also offering appearances (including motivational speaking; appearances and even an event dubbed “Dinner With Mike”).   

Mike has partnered with companies in sectors where he has a passion and expertise as well as that offer niche and emerging concepts.  

On the website itself, it’s noted that Mike partnered with Plonk Wine to be a “wine fulfillment partner.” He’s also partnered with a company called 18Birdies, which is a “developer of a mobile and social golf platform designed to empower all golfers with the tools they need to play at their best.” He’s also doing Cameo shout outs as well.

From a blurb on the site:

“Companies have approached me with various engaging opportunities and I wanted to streamline these partnerships through one entity” Missanelli said in a statement.

That’s cool. Gotta look to grow your individual brand. Gotta branch out and parlay your media success into new ventures. Gotta set up a post-radio strategy and explore what’s out there.

I have no clue when Mike is going to leave the Fanatic, but I know he’s really interested in wine, and has talked about opening up some kind of winery, or getting more involved in the scene in some way, shape, or form. I would go in with him as an investor, but can chip in maybe $1,000 at best. My contribution would be fugazi. A violation… outright!

There is, however, a blog section of the website that needs to be updated, so if he needs someone to do content, I may possibly be interested. We could do a branded and recurring series called “Radio Wars.”


I signed up for the mailing list, so we’ll keep an eye out for updates.

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