Philadelphia Inquirer Adding a New Flyers Writer

her Twitter profile picture

I mentioned the other day that The Philadelphia Inquirer is going to be losing a few more sports writers via buyout. Those departures are taking place at the end of the year, I’m told.

The paper is also bringing in a couple of women to cover the Flyers, and one of them, Giana Han, made the news official Wednesday evening:

Han’s Twitter and Linkedin profiles reveal that she graduated from Penn State in 2019, which is wild. Back in the day, you had to log 5-7 years at some shit rag in a small market before a big newspaper like The Philadelphia Inquirer would even look at your resume. That’s not to take anything away from Ms. Han, mind you, just an observation about the direction of an industry that has evolved rapidly over the years and is now affording young writers quality jobs in shorter amounts of time.

It appears as though Han did two years of Auburn sports for, which is a great job right out of college. War damn Eagle. Covering the Tigers is like jumping right into a professional beat, since SEC football (and sometimes basketball) is king down south. That stadium is always packed and Auburn is competitive in most sports. Nice gig to start out on.

Anyway, let’s give Giana Han a warm Philadelphia welcome.